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Payment processing companies have become essential for any merchant who wants to sell online. secured-pay is a top payment processing company that allows e-sellers to safely accept credit card payments online. secured-pay gives quality customer support from beginning to end. That is to say that secured-pay will advise and support you throughout the registration process up to the moment can successfully receive payments online. There is no need to worry about secured-pay's set up because the seller just has to install the secured-pay API on his online shop in order to receive credit card payments online. Through payment processing companies such as secured-pay, it is very simple to get all the tools you need to accept payments on your online shop.

Online payment system

secured-pay, the affordable payment processing company

Until recently, only a few online shops could afford to offer the online payment solution to their clientele because of diverse factors. In the past, it was either very expensive, or difficult to use and the security conditions were unclear. However, it has really improved over the past few years and today you can really find a payment processing company that is trustworthy enough for you to choose from. secured-pay is one of them. secured-pay offers its services to merchants at affordable prices. The registration and the entire installation process are free of charge, which is already a huge advantage. Additionally to that, most of the payment processing companies are requesting monthly or extra fees. When choosing secured-pay sellers only pay for successful transactions. Indeed they pay 0, 28€ and 2, 95% per transfer, but only if this transfer is successfully achieved. That is to say, interrupted or cancelled transactions are not charged. This is another advantage when choosing secured-pay.

Secure payment processing solutions with secured-pay

Payment processing companies are responsible for secured transactions. This is by the way one of secured-pay's main focus. secured-pay uses the most developed techniques in order to guarantee safe money transfers. Each merchant who wants to use secured-pay needs to be (or to become) PCI-DSS compliant. It is not a problem if you are not familiar with that yet because secured-pay will support you through every step. Obtaining this PCI-DSS license is usually long and complicated, but secured-pay and its certified partners will enable you to get it within a

few days. You do not have to worry about a thing. The payment processing company secured-pay will allow you to receive credit card payments within two to three days.So, if you want to benefit from all the advantages of secured-pay's online payment solution as a merchant, you should register here right away. Choosing secured-pay as your payment processing company to accept online payment is the best decision you could make!