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Easy to manage

Use your Merchant Centre to manage all of your card and PayPal transactions. From here you can refund all or part of a transaction, and view address details from your orders, however your customer chose to pay. Sort & filter your transactions and get useful insights.

Higher conversion rate

Improve conversion with PayPal

Add the world's largest digital wallet to your checkout to increase your cart completion rate by 10%*.

*Adobe Digital Index on November 17, 2014


Easy to maintain

Any updates to the PayPal API are handled by secured-pay, meaning your integration is future-proofed.

Just a few lines of code

Easily integrate PayPal

Easily add your activated PayPal account to a secured-pay integration using just a few lines of code. Integrate with our REST API and webhooks once, saving you time and development efforts.

secured-pay.createTransaction({type: "paypal", checksum: "chk_2f82a672574647cd911d"});

Example code to add PayPal to your secured-pay integration.

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