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secured-pay has online payment systems that can improve your web business. We can implement professional services and easy-to-use payment systems on your website, which also include customizable features. Click here to create a free account and see how secured-pay really is “payment made easy”.

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secured-pay’s online payment system

secured-pay is a specialized online payment system that is customizable and that can be incorporated into your website or mobile application quickly and efficiently. secured-pay provides an online payment gateway that is affordable, high quality, as well as safe. By integrating our expert rest API for online payments on your website, clients will not be redirected to another page to make their purchase – secured-pay is an online payment system made easy.

secured-pay’s online payment services’ simple integration

One element that makes secured-pay an exceptional online payment system is the simple steps required to integrate our tool into your website and quickly go live. The first step is to sign up for a free account to obtain the API test key. Next, you must customize your integration type, which involves browsing the API library, creating a payment form, and making a pay button. Following these fast steps, your business and you are going to be able to test the online payment processing before

completing the final step, which is going live. Finally, your business will be transformed to be more organized, effective and tailored to your needs. secured-pay is a special online payment system that helps you to interact with your clients efficiently. We understand the importance of maintaining a good relationship with clients, and that is our goal. Our online payment system will truly help your company run smoothly.

More reasons to choose secured-pay’s online payment system

Amongst other payment processing companies, secured-pay is a top provider. secured-pay offers trusted services with multiple features and benefits. Security is important at secured-pay; therefore, each data from your online payment system is highly encrypted to meet security standards. Furthermore, our online payment processing has simple pricing and fast account activation. There are no set up and monthly fees and you only pay for successful transactions. It takes only 2-3 days for secured-pay's online payment system to be completely integrated and up and running live on your website. The last element that makes secured-pay's online payment service suitable and available to anyone is the variety of payment methods. You can offer your global customers different purchasing methods and card types to easily complete online payments worldwide. With 100 currencies and availability in 34 countries, secured-pay proves to be the right choice among online payment solutions.

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