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We provide seamless API integration to unleash the full power of a web checkout for your e-commerce, SaaS, or other online businesses.


Have the freedom to design a checkout experience according to your wishes and needs! Benefit from one-click-checkout for your recurring customers!

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Automate your workflow by accessing all the secured-pay features directly from your code.


Use the programming language you prefer. We provide libraries for all common programming languages.

“Thanks to secured-pay's API we were able to offer online payments in no time. We recommend secured-pay for merchants looking for a seamless technical integration.”

Matthias Suter, Senior Product Manager at Doodle

Our supported programming languages

You will have the option to select your preferred programming languages from the list below to easily integrate our service. Using another technology? That’s alright, if you can make HTTP calls, you can use the secured-pay REST API.

Getting started

You are only a few steps away from accepting payments. After creating your secured-pay account, all you need to do is to follow the 3-steps below:

  • 1. Create your own checkout screen or payment page.
  • 2. Integrate our JavaScript bridge to securely collect payment information.
  • 3. Integrate secured-pay on your server by using one of our libraries or by calling our API.

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