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Bleywaren Case Study

Bley wanted to take their 188 year business online and teamed up with secured-pay for an all-round solution to accepting online payments for their high-quality household products.


A traditional family business founded in 1827 by Theodor Bley, and now in its 6th generation with Thomas Grimme spearheading their online operations. The company Bley specialises in high-quality household goods for the home and garden, which are all handpicked by their experts.

With the rapid growth of e-commerce and emergence of online shops – the family noticed a change in customers’ behavior in their store in Cloppenburg. For a business with a long tradition of selling offline, they felt it was the right time for their shop Bleywaren to dive into the world of e-commerce.




But going online for the first time was unchartered territory and represented its own challenges. Thomas not only had to learn every aspect of running an online shop from scratch, but also what was needed to start processing online payments.

He was looking for a payment service which was easy to implement but still meeting the highest security standards needed for a smaller company like Bley to reduce fraud risks for their customers and themselves.


Bley partnered with secured-pay to help them take the leap into e-commerce. Available with a RESTful API, and several plugins for the most common shop softwares, Bley integrated secured-pay in a few steps and was able to process credit card payments without storing any sensitive payment data.

Thanks to secured-pay, complying to the credit card PCI data security standards was easy. This combined with the secured-pay integration support and a favorable pricing for smaller companies, Bley's transition into the online world was as smooth as possible.

"With secured-pay we had all our requirements covered when it came to processing card payments on They had everything ready including security features to help us get online safe and quickly."

- Thomas Grimme, Founder

Outcome has been up and running for two years now. It offers more than 2500 products and Thomas says, "The website tries to curate the endless selection of products on the internet with their experts and a pre-selection criteria". Grimme adds, "Bringing the family shop into the digital space is my contribution to continuing our family tradition."

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