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Manufacturer of exclusive designer watches Kapten & Son can already look back with pride after an impressive first year. With about 170,000 followers on Instagram and countless watches sold, the company was looking for a scalable payment solution to handle credit card payments in their online shop.

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“Transparent pricing and the chance to operate on an international scale at any time, have convinced us”

Johannes Theobald, co-founder of Kapten&Son


Founded in 2014, Kapten & Son got off to a flying start and took Europe by storm with their designer watches. The Münster-based company offers an all-rounder with 20 interchangeable bracelets and 8 different dials that can be customised to any attire, occasion or mood.

Its tempting design quickly made Kapten & Son a social media superstar. As fans quickly became customers, a performance-driven payment solution had to be found, which could handle the massive volume of customers, and particularly seasonal business, while providing transparent pricing along with excellent customer service.

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Due to great demand, especially for the 2014 Christmas season, the founders had little time to worry about the right payment method mix. To continue their growth and cover all target markets as best as possible, Kapten & Son needed someone who could process credit card payments, and provide analytics, to help them analyse transaction data.

Kapten & Son wants to continue growing internationally in Europe and even worldwide. To serve their customers around the globe, they needed an experienced partner to easily scale and grow with.


secured-pay‘s solution offered an easy integration, which didn’t even need a programmer. A clearly arranged merchant centre for managing transactions. And the ability to accept global payments, where the data remains with a German provider, which stores and processes according to EU law, made secured-pay ​​particularly attractive for the expanding company.

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The additional service offering of credit card payments increased the conversion rate by more than 30%. With the ability to accept worldwide payments through secured-pay, extending target markets and strengthening globalisation aims are no longer obstacles. Johannes Theobald, co-founder of Kapten&Son says: "What sets secured-pay apart is its excellent customer service. Whether we need technical assistance or strategic consultancy, we always have a competent partner at our side. Transparent pricing and the chance to operate on an international scale at any time, have ultimately convinced us."

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