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A merchant account is a special type of bank account that enables sellers to accept credit card payments on their website. Indeed they need this account to be able to receive payments through credit card associations, such as Visa, MasterCard or American Express. This account builds the connection between the acquiring bank and the payment provider. secured-pay is an online payment processor and therefore, each and every e-seller can get a merchant account using it. There is also another alternative, and that would be for vendors to ask for a merchant account directly at the bank. However, it is much more difficult to obtain it in this case because banks need facts and proofs, and they are going to look for the details of merchant's financial history. That is the reason why secured-pay is the easiest and the fastest way to get a merchant account.

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Accept 100 currencies with secured-pay’s merchant account

Using secured-pay’s merchant account, sellers can benefit from many diverse advantages. Sellers can enjoy affordable prices and a very simple set up on their online shop. Also, sellers can now spread their products and services around the world. secured-pay enables sellers to receive money in about 100 currencies and payments from more than 34 different countries; for instance Poland, Croatia or even the Faroe Islands. As a result, the number of clients increases an so does the sales. Foreign customers do not like to think about the conversion process so they usually cancel their purchase when they see that the website does not allow to pay in their own currency. However, using secured-pay, they will have the opportunity to pay without being worried because the payment provider will make the transaction easy and transfer the money to the seller’s merchant account.

Clients are satisfied thanks to secured-pay’s merchant account

As an e-seller, if you open a merchant account at secured-pay, your clientele will be very pleased. The payment provider makes the process of installation and application very easy for you. It privileges customer satisfaction, and therefore it makes every transaction as simple as possible for both parties (the seller and the buyer). To be more precise, secured-pay has developed an application programming interface (API) that is specific to its payment process. This API has to be integrated to the online shop if the seller wants to be able to receive credit card payments (only having a merchant account is not enough). It is very simple to install it. That is why the clientele will be pleased to process payments with secured-pay.

The “One-Stop Shop” is a process that will reassure buyers. Indeed the biggest problem when you pay online is the security of transfers because you always need to move from one page to another in order to process your payment. With secured-pay, the client does not have to be redirected to the provider’s website when he needs to pay, thanks to the secured-pay API. The client will remain on the online shop and feel more comfortable to pay there. So if you want a satisfied clientele and if you need to increase your sales through credit card payments, you should use secured-pay. Start by registering and asking for your merchant account.

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