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E-Payment System

An Electronic Payment System, also known as E-Payment System or Online Payment System allows processing any cashless payment through electronic methods.

E-Payment Methods

E-Payment methods include:

1.  Credit Payment System:

  • Credit Card: to collect credit card payments through the internet Merchants require an Internet Merchant Account (IMA) and a Payment Service Provider (PSP).
  • E-Wallet: a prepaid account that stores personal data online such as credit and debit card information in order to facilitate payments. They can be server or client device based.
  • Smart card: is a plastic card similar in size to a credit card, it has an embedded microprocessor that can be loaded with large amounts of data.

2.  Cash Payment System:

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): is a computerized system used to do money transfers between bank accounts.

EFT comprises many other concepts: 

  • Direct Debit: an instruction given by the account holder to the bank to collect a specific amount of money from his current account.
  • e-Check: an electronic transfer of funds in which the money is taken from a bank account, typically a checking account.
  • Electronic billing: the practice through which companies collect payments over electronic methods.
  • Electronic cash (e-Cash): also known as digital cash, it is the storage of monetary values in moderate amounts on a client device (generally the user’s PC) and is used for internet transactions.
  • E-commerce Loyalty Programs: programs that through rewards aim at encouraging loyal buying behavior. There are many different strategies to increase loyalty such as points cards, raffles, discounts, prizes, upgrades, freebies, etc.
  • Stored-value card: is a card variety that has a fix amount of money encoded into it. It is normally anonymous and has an expiration date. The most common example of stored value cards are gift cards.
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) network: is the national scheme for electronic transactions in the United States, its distinctiveness is that it process both direct debits and credit card payments in the country.